Farm-Maxx SPL-180 Spin Spreader

  • Farm-Maxx
  • 2022
  • Available

Precision material application is assured with your Farm-Maxx Series Spin Spreaders. Produced by the recognized world leader in spreader quality and design, these units have
been time tested and proven all over the world. Useful for application of many types of materials. These spreaders are used by farmers, landscapers, golf courses, grounds keepers, homeowners and field sportsmen alike.

Standard Features Include:

High Temperature Epoxy Finish
Eurocardan Series 1 PTO Shaft
Optional Stainless Disc With Adjustable Vanes
Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Chasis
Standard Rigid Agitator
Polypropylene Hopper
21-60 feet Spreading width
996# Carrying capacity
36″ Height

  • Category: Spreader
  • Model Number: SPL-180
  • Condition: New
$ 670.00

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  • Tires or Tracks: Tires
$ 670.00