Farm-Maxx 9′ Rotary Rake

  • 2023
  • Available

Farm-Maxx FRM280/8 Rotary Rake- 3pt, 8 arm made by Morra.
It has a raking width of 8.5′, and a working width of 9.18 feet (which equals the total working width with swath). You can use this rotary hay rake in a variety of places.

This farm equipment can be easily adjusted to suit your harvesting needs. It also features an oil-filled gearbox, which is completely sealed. To make transport easy, you can easily and conveniently take the arms off the rotary rake to reduce it to a width of 3.28′.

It has 1 turning head with 8 arms per head and 3 tines per arm. The rotary rake has a total height of 5.249 feet, a length of 7.545 feet, and a weight of 700 lbs. It is ideal for use with tractors with a 20 HP and minimum weight of 1500 lbs. Its PTO speed is 540 RPM.

  • Category: Hay Equipment
  • Model Number: FRM 280/8
  • Condition: New
$ 4450.0

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$ 4450.0