Farm-Maxx 72″ Rototiller

  • Farm-Maxx
  • 2023
  • Available

Farm-Maxx FTM-72G Rototiller- Built tough for years of dependable service. Very popular with landscapers, gardeners, nursery and orchards. 72″ width, 8″ tilling depth, 540 pto, 3 point cat I hookup, 30-55hp PTO required, 6 blades per flange, 9 flanges, 54 total blades, Offset L or Right 4″ 738#

Standard Features
– Quick Hitch Compatible
– Heavy Duty Gear Drive
– Six Tines Per Flange
– Series 4 PTO Shafts with Slip Clutch are Standard
– Heavy Duty Adjustable Lower Links Offer Multiple Attachment Options
– Adjustable Zinc Plated Jack Stand
– Super Heavy Drag Board with Zinc Plated Check Chain
– Convenient Sight Glass for Gear Drive Oil Level is Standard
– Easy Service Rotor For Quick Tine Change and Maintenance
– Adjustable Skids with Incorporated Bearing and Gear Cover Shields
– Contoured and Reinforced H.D. Rear Drag Boards
Uni Farm is located in NC for easy access to parts.

  • Category: Farm Implement
  • Model Number: FTM-72
  • Condition: New
$ 2450.00

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$ 2450.00