Used Tractors

Used Branson 4520c Cab Tractor w/ LDR- 4WD
#7036- Branson 4520c Tractor w/BL25R Loader- 4wd, sn/CLCF00016, 2016, 473 hrs, 47hp(E)/42hp(P), Kukje 2.3L 4-cyl Diesel, 12/12 Synchro Shuttle, Cab with heat/air/radio, R-4 12-16.5@90% & 44-80x24@90%, drawbar, top link, well maintained, 1 owner- off hobby farm, sold from here as new. Bale Spear sold serperately.

Used Branson 2400 TLB- 4wd
Branson 2400 Tractor w/BL00 Loader & BH66 Backhoe- 4wd, sn/CEXX00015, 2013, 763 hrs, 8/8 gear transmission, loader lifts 1100#, Backhoe digs 6-1/2 ft, works great

Used MF 2606H Tractor
#7008- Massey Ferguson 2606H Tractor- 2WD, sn/F079892, 2015, 3269 hrs, 65hp Diesel Engine, 2 SCV, 8/8 Sync Transmission, Perfect round or Square Bale Tractor, well maintained, grill guard, drawbar, top link, full light package, 750x16 & 14.9x28 @90%

Used NH TC33D Tractor- 4WD HYDRO
#7032- New Holland TC33D Tractor- 4wd, sn/ G021551, 2000, 33hp(E)/27hp(P), 1303 hrs, hydrostatic- infinite (3-range) forward and infinite (3-tange) reverse, Diesel, SuperSteer- great to mow grass with!, NO DPF, 23x8.50-14@50% & 15x19.5@75%

Used JD 5500 Tractor w/jd Loader- 4WD
#7010- John Deere 5500 Tractor w/ JD 540 Loader- 4wd, sn/LV5500E650663, 1997, 83hp(E)/73hp(P), 12 speed partially syncro shuttle- Four gears (1-4) in three ranges (A, B, C) with reverse lever. Gear shifts are synchronized, using the clutch. Tractor must be stopped, and clutch used, to shift range or direction, 3203 hrs, 3 scv, Cab w/heat, runs operates great, all glass good, factory drawbar & top link, 540 Ind PTO, NEW 11.2x24 & 16.9x30

Used JD 5210 Tractor w/Loader- 4wd
#7035- John Deere 5210 Tractor w/ JD 540 Loader- 4wd, sn/ LV5210S221190, 1999, 5095 hrs, 53hp(E)/46hp(P), 9/3 Gear Transmission, 3 scv, Northern tractor, original, New Clutch assy, 9.5x24@35% & 16.9x28@95%

Used JD 4200 Tractor w/ Loader- Hydro
#7034- John Deere 4200 Tractor w/ JD 430 Loader- 4WD, sn/ LV4200H121781, 1998, 26hp(E)/20hp(P), 321 hrs, HYDROSTATIC drive, 540 Ind PTO, well maintained, later loader original paint, factory drawbar, top link, no leaks, good seat, 28-8.50x12 & 14x17.50 @90%

3rd Function Valve
3rd Function Valve- Control your loader attachments with a push of the button on your new joystick handle. (Installed for an additional $50.00)

STORM PF2 PALLET FORKS- These pallet forks are ideal for small skid loaders as well as compact tractors. These pallet forks are fully adjustable and are ideal for machines that require a lighter overall weight. If you are looking for an affordable set of pallet forks, but don't want to compromise on quality, look no further. ​ Product Specs: 2000 Lb Capacity 42" Length 36" Height 45" Width 3"x 1" Fork Blades Walk Through Frame Fully Adjustable

New Pin On Pallet Forks
New Aldomi SF-4297 Forks- pin-on 22"- 44"

New Set of Tires on Rims
NEW TITAN Tires & Wheels 16.9-28 6 ply rears & 12.5-/80-18 fronts in either R1 or R4 6" Pilot- 8 bolt 8" circle 11/16" bolt hole on fronts 9/16" bolt hole on rears

STORM PF4 PALLET FORKS- 4500# Whether you're working around the home or running a business, this set of forks can handle most applications. They come standard with fully adjustable forks to suit whatever job you're up against. The full rack measures 36" tall and offers both stability as well as excellent visibility. Rated at 4000 lbs. ​ Product Specs: 4000 Lb Capacity 48" Length 36" Height 45" Width 4"x 1.25" Fork Blades Walk Through Frame Fully Adjustable