Used Tractors

Used Agco White 6065 w/ Loader- 4WD
#6732- Agco White 6065 w/ Quicke 310 Loader- 4wd, sn# 6065A001856, 1998, 70hp(E)/65hp(P), SLH 4.0L 4-cyl diesel, 1566 hrs showing, 540/1000 Ind PTO, 12/12 Synchromesh, joystick loader control, 2 scv, runs strong, no leaks, good rims, drawbar, very good sheet metal, folding rops, 80" bkt, quick attach, 12.4x24@35% & 16.9x30@75%

Used Allis Chalmers d17 Tractor- 2WD
#6724- Allis Chalmers D-17 Series 4 Tractor w/Farmhand Loader- 2wd, sn#83015, 1966, 5900 hrs, 63hp, 8/2 Gear, 540 Ind PTO, NEW paint, seat & muffler, recent tires 750x16@50% & 14.9x28@80%, NEW power shift rims loaded, runs & works A-1, local trade, 1 owner last 25 yrs, down pressure, full 3pt, hood dents

Used NH T6030 Delta Cab Tractor- 4wd
#5511- New Holland T6030 Delta Cab w/COLD AIR- 4wd, sn# Z7BD03969, 115hp(E)/111hp(P)-tested, 6042 hrs, 6 cylinder turbocharged air-to-air intercooled diesel engine, 540/1000 Ind PTO, 16/16 Electro shift Trans-Four gears in four ranges. Push-button power shifting between gears and clutch-free shifting between ranges A-B and C-D. Synchronized shift from ranges B to C. Power shuttle shifting. lights work, fr grill guard, buddy seat, sun visor, 3 scv, 95hp PTO, draw bar, stabilizers, cat II mechanical lower-link draft control three point hitch, 380/85R28@80%, 480/80R38@75%

Used Ford 7700 Cab Tractor- 2WD
#6712- Ford 7700 Cab Tractor- 2wd, sn# C, made between 1975-1981, Ford 4.2L 4-cyl, diesel 96hp, engine, Ford Dual Power- partial power shift 16/4, 84hp 540/1000 Independent PTO,16.9x38 rears , 8400# Length: 150.2 inches [381 cm] Width: 74 inches [187 cm] Height (cab): 113.4 inches

Used Ford 6610 Cab Tractor w/Loader- 2wd
#6504- Ford 6610 Cab Tractor w/ Allied Loader- 2wd, sn# C768197, 1987, 4201 hrs, 82hp(E)/72hp(P), Ford 4.4L 4-cyl diesel engine, 540 Ind PTO, 1 scv, 8/4 trans, Cab w/heat, local tractor from estate, good strong engine & hydraulics, no leaks, quick attach loader & bucket. 11Lx16@60% & 16.9x30@90%

Used NH T4030 Tractor w/ Loader- 4WD
#6530- New Holland T4030 Tractor w/NH 820TL Loader- 4WD, sn# ZAJA18246, 2009, 76HP(E)/66HP(P), 3467hrs, New Holland 3.2L 4-cyl diesel engine, 2 scv, 16 and Reverse Synchro Command Power Shuttle, 540 Ind PTO, QT Loader & bucket, new seat,

Used LS G3033 Tractor w/Loader
#6743- SL G3033 Tractor w/ LS LL3120 Loader- 4WD, sn# G38RR000449, 2015, 1228 hrs, 33hp(E)/27hp(P), LS 1.9L 3-cyl diesel engine, 540 Ind PTO, 1 scv, 12/12 LH syncro shuttle, 7x14@60% & 11.2x24@90%, Right size, Right Price, bottom of grill broke, universal quick attach bucket, rops

Used Ford 4000 Tractor- 2wd
#6486- Ford 4000 Tractor- 2wd, 1965, sn# 068058, 7000 hrs, 55hp(E)/46hp(P), Ford 2.8L 4-cyl diesel, 1 scv, 8/2 gear, 540 Ind pto, runs good, some smoke, winter heater, power steering works but sluggish, hydraulic outlets, diff lock, new seat, IPTO works A-1, good tin, 1 leak at injection pump, 11Lx14@60% & 15.5x38@20%

Used Ford 3000 Tractor w/loader- 2wd
#6519- Ford 3000 Tractor w/Freeman Loader- 2wd, sn# C460996, 1975, 3126hrs, 42hp(E)/37hp(P), Gasoline, 8/2 trans, 540 Ind pto, 11Lx16@30% & 13.6x28@98% tires, runs & works great, power steering, front pump loader w/combination bucket, good sheet metal, grill

Used Ford 3000 Tractor w/loader- 2wd
#6387- Ford 3000 Tractor w/Loader- 2wd, sn# C430690, 1974, 42hp(E)/37hp(P), Gasoline, 8/2 trans, 540 live pto, NEW 650x16 & 14.9x28 tires, runs & works great, power steering w/wo hydraulic bucket loader

Used NH TC40D w/Loader- 4wd
#6735- New Holland TC40D Tractor w/NH16LA Loader- sn# G501184, 2002, 40hp(E)/33hp(P), HYDRO, Shibaura 2.0L 4-cyl diesel, 540 Ind PTO, starts, runs strong, no leaks, new paint & seat, 72" bucket joystick loader control, 10-16.5@75% & 17.5Lx24@65%

Used MF 471 Tractor w/Loader- 2wd
#6649- Massey Ferguson 471 Tractor w/ Bush Hog 2846 Loader- 2wd, 2004, sn# BM40057, 2900 hrs, 72hp(E)/66hp(P), 2846hrs, 2 scv joy stick loader control, 8/8 Synchro Shuttle- Four gears (1-4) in two ranges (low/high) with left-hand shuttle lever. Perkins 4.4L 4-cyl diesel engine, well maintained, new seat, canopy, quick attach bucket, good tin, very rare left hand shuttle trans, 750x16@30% & 16.9x30@75%

Used JD 5310 Cab Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#6707- John Deere 5310 Cab Tractor w/ JD 540 Loader- 4wd, sn# LV5310S130282, 1998, 5165 hrs, 53hp John Deere 2.9L 3-cyl diesel engine, original paint, Cab with heat & air, nice cab & seat, drawbar, top link, quick attach loader w/joystick control, QT bucket, 1 owner, good grill & panels, good glass, 1 scv, runs strong, Front: 11.2R24@50%. Rear: 16.9R30@60%

Used JD 4210 Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#6744- John Deere 4210 Tractor w/ JD 430 Loader- 4WD, sn# LV4210H321195, 2004, HOURS UNKNOWN, 27hp(E)/22hp(P), Yanmar 1.3L 3-cyl diesel, eHYDRO- Three-range hydrostatic transmission with foot pedals and cruise control. Tractor must be stopped to shift ranges. Automotive cruise control option allows set speed to be adjusted with rocker switch, 540 Ind PTO, very tight, 23-850x12@50% & 14-17.5@75% Industrial Tires

Used JD 2120 Tractor w/Loader- 2wd
#6729- John Deere 2120 Tractor w/ JD 37 Loader- 2WD, sn# 069352, 4309 hrs, 68hp(E)/60hp(P), John Deere 3.6L 4-cyl diesel engine, 1 scv, Double stick loader control, 8/4 Tans, 540 PTO, New paint, very nice, 1 owner, tight, Quick attach bucket, working lights, drawbar, top link, runs & works A1, 750-16@60% & NEW 15.5x38 Rears

Used JD 1020 w/Loader- 2WD
#6734- John Deere 1020 Tractor w/JD 37 Loader- 2wd, sn# 158299T, 1973, 43hp(E)/38hp(P), Nice running John Deere 2.2L 3-cyl gasoline engine,1 scv, Double lever loader control w/ down, 8/4 gear trans., power steering, new paint & seat, NEW 16.9x24 & 650x16@75%, no leaks

Used JD 2120 Tractor- 2wd
#6730- John Deere 2120 Tractor- 2wd, sn# 069318, made between 1967-72, 3961 hrs, 60hp(E), 16/8 Rabbit/Turtle Trans, 1 scv, front weights, very clean, original, great condition, block heater, field ready, 15.5-38@90% & 10-16@20% NEW Seat- not in photo Loader available but not included in price.

Used CIH DX55 Tractor w/Loader- 4wd\7
#6722- Case IH Farmall DX55 Tractor w/CIH LX118Loader- sn# CX100009, 2004, 1270 hrs, 55hp(E)/47hp(P), 12/12 power shuttle, Shibaura 2.2L 4-cyl diesel engine, comparable to NH TC55DA, starts & runs A1, good cold start, 72" bucket w/joystick loader control. good seat, drawbar, NEW 12x16.5, 18.4x24@60% R4 Tires

Used Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor- 2wd GAS
#6576- Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor- 2wd, sn# SGW64301 3879, 1972, Continental GAS, 58hp(E)/46hp(P), 4100 hrs, 6/2 trans, 540 Live PTO, nice original local trade tractor, 1 scv, good multi power, power steering, all lights work, drawbar, top link, stabilizers, 650x16@50% & 14.9x28@90%

Used Ford 1520 Tractor w/Loader- 4WD
#6482- Ford 1520 Tractor w/ Allied 180 Loader- 4wd, sn# UH21159, 1987, 2285 hrs, Shibaura 1.3L 3-cyl diesel engine, 22hp(E)/19hp(P), 9/3 trans- Three gears and reverse with low, medium, and high range, strong loader, no leaks, excellent power steering, 540 live pto, 14"@65% & 13.6x16@60% Turf tires w/chains

Used Kubota L4330D Tractor- HYDRO, 4WD
#6721- Kubota L4330D HST Tractor- 4wd, sn# 36325, 41hp(E)/36hp(P), made between 2003-2007, 2818 hrs, 2.2L 4-cyl diesel engine, 3 range Hydrostatic drive, 540 Ind PTO, runs, works, steers A1, factory drawbar, top link, original seat, folding rops, 10-16.5@30% & 17.5Lx24@70%

Used MF 698 Cab Tractor- 2WD
# 4668- Massey Ferguson 698 Cab Tractor- 2wd, sn# K119012, made between 1983-86, 86HP(E)/78HP(P), Perkins 318ci 4-cyl diesel only 6147 hours heat, good paint & tin, new seat, 540/1000 Ind PTO, CAT II 3 pt w/4130 lbs lift, 2 scv, 12/4 Trans- Three gears (1-3), plus reverse gear, in two ranges with additional two-range speedshift. Gears 2-3 and the speedshift are synchronized. Front: 11Lx16@50% & New. Rear: 18.4x34@80%, 161"x81"

New Pin On Pallet Forks
New Aldomi SF-4297 Forks- pin-on 22"- 44"

Used Frey 7515 loader
Frey 7515 loader, came off Ford 5610, sn# B33013, tractor NOT included

3rd Function Valve
3rd Function Valve- Control your loader attachments with a push of the button on your new joystick handle. (Installed for an additional $50.00)

NEW Grapple Bucket
Tomahawk Grapple- single cylinder, compacts or Lt Skid steers

Used John Deere 48 Loader
#6049- John Deere 48 Loader- excellent condition, all brackets, tractor hydraulics, nice 72" bucket

New 72 in Bucket
#6052- New Tomahawk 72" Bucket- universal skid steer style

New 5-1/2ft Bucket
#6545- New 66"Bucket- SS Quick Attach

New Stump Bucket
#6065- New Tree Stump Bucket

New Skid Steer Blanks
New Skid Steer Universal Blank Plate, Easy to weld on to buckets and other equipment to convert to skid steer style hookup

New Stone Buckets
#5553- New Versatech Stone Forks, skid steer style, 72", Good Quality (84" also available)

New Set of Tires on Rims
NEW TITAN Tires & Wheels 16.9-28 6 ply rears & 12.5-/80-18 fronts in either R1 or R4 6" Pilot- 8 bolt 8" circle 11/16" bolt hole on fronts 9/16" bolt hole on rears

New Horst 72in JD Manure Fork
#6636- HORST HLA MFE72JD440540 Manure Fork- sn# 12LA22253, 72" MANURE FORK- usable length, Flat top acts as level indicator, 11 Cranked KVERNELAND Tines, 72" wide, 8.625" tine centers, 455# approximate weight

Horst 54in JD Manure Fork
#6637- HORST HLA MFE54 Manure bucket- sn# 12LA23234, 54" MANURE FORK- usable length, Flat top acts as level indicator, 7 Cranked KVERNELAND Tines, 54" wide, 8.5" tine centers, 370# approximate weight

Used Branson 4520R w/ BL25R Loader-4WD
Branson 4520R Tractor w/BL25R Loader- 4wd, sn# , 45hp(E)/42hp(P), Kukje 2.3L 4-cyl diesel(PRE Tier 4), 540/790 Ind PTO, 698 hrs, Like new